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Tandoori Starters

All of the dishes below are served with mint & spice sauce

Tandoori Specialties

All tandoori dishes are served with salad, pilau rice & curry sauce

Seafood Tandoori Specialties

Our seafood tandoori dishes are served with salad pilau rice or nan & curry sauce

Balti Dishes

House Specialties

Tikka Khazana Dishes

Chicken or lamb marinated in yogurt with a mild blend of spices & herbs barbecued in a charcoal tandoor oven.

Tender Lamb and Poultry Dishes

Sea Food Dishes

Seafood Specialties

Biryani Dishes

A biryani is made with special basmati rice, together with a mixture of spices, served with a special vegetable curry.

Vegetarian Dishes (Main)

Side Dishes



A selection of desserts are available for sit in only.